Slow down for happiness

Slow down for happiness

Health and Happiness Increase With Slowness

Well actually, yes we would, and we_ã_d all be a lot healthier and happier as a result, according to Slow Movement aficionados, such as Carl Honorê©, author of In Praise of Slow. Paradoxically, says Honorê©, _ã–Slow_㝠isn_ã_t necessarily slow, hence its attachment to the phrase festina lente or _ã–hastening slowly._㝠Living Slow means that there are times when fast is good and appropriate, but equally there are times when slow is better. Living Slow means respecting traditions but not to the exclusion of progress and not in order to avoid change. It really is a way of achieving balance in one_ã_s life. Moreover, it_ã_s about living life intentionally.

I would argue that positive psychology_ã_s savoring is an approach that is at the heart of the Slow Movement. Savoring, according to Bryant & Veroff, is the capacity to attend to, appreciate, and enhance the positive experiences in life. This resonates of paying attention, deliberation, and intention. Just as savoring is the new model of positive experience, Slow is a new approach to living, being, and doing.

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