7 Laws Of Happiness: Lessons From Indian Wisdom

7 Laws Of Happiness: Lessons From Indian Wisdom

via the Huffington Post by Poonacha Machaiah

Seven years have flown by since I moved to India. It has been a fantastic journey reconnecting with my roots. Growing up in India, I did not have the luxury of travel, but thanks to the support of my family I have had the opportunity to make up for all the lost time. I have had a wonderful time exploring India and in the process getting in touch with myself. I have been humbled by a motorcycle trip across the Himalayas crossing Khardung La – the world's highest motorable road. Discovered the rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan via its palaces and forts during the week-long Palace on Wheel's train ride. My spiritual quest to understand God and myself led me to Mount Kailash/Mansarovar, in Tibet, Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad and Sabarimala in Kerala.

Needless to say, India has been a great experience, one that has not only awakened my senses but also provided food for my soul. The time on the road has given me the time to introspect and formulate my own "Seven Laws of Happiness" that have been inspired by the rich tradition of Indian wisdom.

1. The Law of Fearlessness

"Fear is man's greatest enemy, and it manifests itself as diverse as shame, jealousy, anger, insolence, arrogance… What causes fear? Lack of confidence in oneself." — Swami Prajnanpad

Over the course of time I have come to believe that fear is the root cause of all the unhappiness and turmoil that surrounds us personally and in the societies that we live in. If we are able to conquer our fears, we will be able to not only transform ourselves but also lead to peace in our communities. We are born "fearless", society and conditioning makes us fearful. The philosopher Krishnamurti had said, "The only religion that ought to be taught is the religion of fearlessness".

2. The Law of Acceptance

"First of all, accept yourself. When you do not accept yourself and imagine yourself to be someone different, a conflict arises between what you believe you are and what you really are." –Swami Prajnanpad

We spend a majority of our life not knowing who we are or comparing ourselves with who we are not. Both these actions get us nowhere and the first step is for us to learn to appreciate the simplicity in accepting ourselves. Accept the simplicity of who we are without judging. Thrive in accepting who you are and live in an inwardly simple way…

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