6 Habits of Happiness Worth Cultivating

6 Habits of Happiness Worth Cultivating

I recently stumbled upon this great happiness model in which 6 happiness strategies are highlighted. In simple terms, if you cultivate these 6 habits you will, undoubtedly, enjoy more happiness in your life. 

You can see the model HERE

But I thought I'd also list and briefly describe the 6 happiness habits for your reading pleasure…

  1. Pay attention – studies have shown that mindful people have stronger immune systems and are less likely to be hostile and anxious

  2. Keep friends close – social connections are key to happiness. Research indicates that it's quality rather than quantity; so make time for those closest to you

  3. Give thanks – research reveals the enormous power of simply counting your blessings. Regular expressions of gratitude promote optimism, better health, and greater satisfaction with life

  4. Drop grudges – when we forgive those who've wronged us we feel better about ourselves, experience more positive emotions and feel closer to otheres

  5. Get moving – regular exercise increases self-esteem, reduces anxiety and stress, and may well be the most effective instant happiness booster of all

  6. Practice kindness – being kind to others makes us feel good. Altruistic acts light up the same pleaasure centres in the brain as food and sex!

So there they are. 6 happiness habits DEFINITELY worth cultivating. 

How many do you do? 

Where could you improve? 

And when are you going to start? Might I suggest right now…!