Happiness Clubs in Australia…and beyond!

Happiness Clubs in Australia…and beyond!

Here at The Happiness Institute our mission is to spread the principles of positive psychology as widely as possible; that is, we want to teach happiness to as many individuals, couples, families, schools, institutions and organisations as possible.

We are, however, a business and so the reality is we need to charge for most of our services which unfortunately, rules some people out of being able to benefit from our coaching and consulting services. But, we’re very excited about our latest project – happiness clubs!

Happiness Clubs are free and run by volunteers. The meetings are not officially delivered by The Happiness Institute although we_ã_re pleased to help coordinate and support those who do present and host the clubs.  Just like a book club where people gather regularly to discuss literature, these happiness clubs are set up for people who want to gather regularly to discuss happiness (and other related topcis).

To find a happiness clubs near you – click here

If you’d like to set up your own club just email us with your expression of interest and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call anytime.

Here’s to making as many people happy as possible 🙂