The pursuit of happiness…what and where is it?

The pursuit of happiness…what and where is it?

The Powerful Pursuit of Happiness, by Joe Pfeffer, Ph.D.

The pursuit of happiness defines us as Americans, but do we know what we_ã_re pursuing? If we don_ã_t know, are we chasing after something that will have the opposite effect, making us depressed instead of content with our lives? The answer is yes.

Most of us in an affluent, competitive society like our own tie happiness to external circumstances _ã” we_ã_ll be happy once we get that better job and move into our big new house with the $3,000-a-month mortgage. The BMW, the gigantic flat screen TV, the prestigious school we_ã_ll send our kids to _ã” these are what will make us happy. But when we get them, we may feel ecstatic for a day or two, then we_ã_ll become agitated and anxious if not downright miserable because we see others getting even more. But we_ã_ll get there some day_ã_

Defined in this way, the pursuit of happiness is a fool_ã_s errand.

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