10 Reasons to Make Happiness a Priority

10 Reasons to Make Happiness a Priority

Check out these 10 reasons to make happiness a priority from my friends over at the American Happiness Association

1. When you think about it, everything we do is about trying to make ourselves happy in life.  It’s the ultimate goal.  It just makes sense to make the ultimate goal a priority.

2. Happy people achieve their personal and professional goals more easily and are more successful than less happy people.

3.  Happiness is contagious.  More people will want to be around you.

4.  You’ll live 7.5 years longer, on averge.

5.  You’ll have a better immune system and be sick less often.

6.  You’ll laugh more often.

7.  Your resilience, or ability to bounce back from life’s hardships, will improve.

8.  You’ll find out it’s not a silly emotion as some people think.

9.  You’ll feel tingly and joyful more often.

10.  You’ll feel good about how you’re living life.

No one is going to show up at your door and hand you happiness.  You have to make it a practice in your life. 

How are you practicing happiness?  Is it a priority?  If not, make the declaration and commit to happiness.