Simplify for happiness

Simplify for happiness

Inspired by an article I read recently on another eNewsletter or blog (unfortunately I can’t remember which one) I pose to you today a very simple question. 

If you had to leave your home today and could only take with you those possessions that you could fit in the back of your car what would you take with you? 

What would it be like if you really lived your life with just those possessions?

Now I’m not suggesting we should all live our lives in such a minimalist way (although some might) but I am encouraging you to consider what really is important in your life and what…is not so important.

Following this, I invite you to reflect upon another, related question…what would it be like if you could focus more of your time and energy on those real priorities?

Consistent with the theme of today’s message this eNewsletter is simple and short; but I hope you find it thought provoking and maybe even helpful.  Let us know what you think.