Savouring your way to happiness

Savouring your way to happiness

by Irene Serrat (

Butterflies can taste with their feet. I learned that fact recently while working on a project and at once my imagination took flight.

What if we could dictate where our senses worked within our bodies? What if we could taste with our eyes while simultaneously watching a sunset? What would the colours taste like? What would the overall sensory experience be?

Maybe it’s a throwback to being a primary school teacher, but I delight in imagining life a little different. It makes me happy.

At a workshop I attended recently (presented by Prof. Sharp, we were encouraged to slow down and ê¢__‘–savour the moment”. The phrase stayed with me and when I read about the butterfly’s unique talent, it triggered in me a vivid picture of me ê¢__‘–savouring” special moments. What would a child’s hug taste like? Or a smile from my partner? Or the moment when a piece of work is finished and you know you have done well?

So I have decided to schedule time in my week to do some ê¢__‘–savouring” and have used one of the strategies from my days in the classroom to get started. You may want to call it a Mindfulness Exercise… I call it a Happiness Break.

A Happy Break Through the Senses: Stop what you are doing in the middle of the day and consider savouring the moment through the senses. Using words and phrases that connect you to personal joy, let the five senses to guide you towards a total appreciation for the moment. For example, when you look out of the window and notice the leaves changing colour:

– This moment looks like…a blanket of colour

– This moment smells like… wood and incense

– This moment feels like …a refreshing breeze

– This moment sounds like…wind chimes and wrapping paper

– This moment tastes like…hot chocolate and cake

Then take a deep breath and slowly close your eyes. Allow the picture to stay with you for as long as you can. When you are ready, open your eyes and say a simple ê¢__‘–thank you”.

Eventually the process will become more natural and free flowing. The point is obvious: be in the moment and you will add to your bank of happiness experiences and of happy thoughts.

Unlike the butterfly, I can”t taste through my feet but I can use my imagination to help me ê¢__‘–savour the moment”. Now that is one quick way to make me smile!