Estonia’s Happiness Bank

Estonia’s Happiness Bank

Coming to you under the heading – what a great idea, why didn’t I think of this…

Estonia is one of many countries struggling with unemployment and other consequences of the global economic crisis, and a small group of Estonians has founded the Bank of Happiness to help address the spiritual/emotional side of the problem. Co-founder Even Nolvak was among those who recognized that economics have nothing to do with spiritual/emotional issues such as “caring, loving, being a neighbor, and having a purposeful life.” So the Bank of Happiness was founded, which is an internet portal:

To become a client, Estonians must register online, listing the useful things that they can do for others (ie: grocery shopping, walking a dog, fixing cars) and those that they would like done unto them (ie: having a suit darned or windows cleaned). After performing a good deed, the helpers receive tangible evidence of their kindness — a “banknote,” which can be printed from the bank’s website with an inscription on the back marking the date and nature of the deed. The note can then be passed on to another Good Samaritan.

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