The latest stories on positive psychology and happiness

The latest stories on positive psychology and happiness

Check out the latest and most interesting happiness and positive psychology stories and articles:

Willard Spiegelman wants to be left alone. In his collection of essays, Seven Pleasures: Essays on Ordinary Happiness, he explores the seven activities (reading, walking, looking, dancing listening, swimming and writing) that, if done properly, can award the participant the greatest degree of happiness. And as he also notes, six of these seven activities are often done in solitude. To read more – click here

In most cultures, it’s considered a weakness or sign of failure to admit unhappiness. If you’re not happy, you’re a loser in the horse race of life. Additionally, we generally assume that people get what they deserve, so if you’re not happy, it’s probably your own fault. Those assumptions are totally wrong, of course, and contribute to much unnecessary misery. Plus, the question “How happy are you?” demands that we think about happiness experiences, and that probably skews the answer. To read more and to complete the happiness test – click here

You know exercise is good for you, but ê¢__‘Ô_ (insert personalized excuse). If motivation is your problem, here’s a nudge: new research shows exercise can also add to your happiness while slimming your waistline. Click here for more

I hope you enjoy and in the process…find some happiness!