Using positive psychology to overcome stress and find happiness during difficult times

Using positive psychology to overcome stress and find happiness during difficult times

From Positive Psychology News Daily comes this article about building resilience and finding happiness despite difficulty.

Resilience is a Fast Comeback

This quote from Rocky in the movie Rocky Balboa is the best summary of this month’s optional theme of ‘stress and Resilience.” Living in an ever-changing business world today, we are confronted with challenges at workplace almost every day. Under the very same circumstances, why do some people fall apart and spend months trying to stand up again, but others are resilient, and recover and keep moving forward? Why do some regard stress as a motivator that pushes them climb higher, but others are beaten down by stressors?

7 Mechanisms of Resilience: The Model

What I have learned from my studies in Leadership and Positive Psychology is that one common characteristic among successful leaders is that they do not let disappointments deter them from what they want and beat them down – instead, they stay focused and navigate according to their plans to succeed. Based on various research and studies, I summarize here the various research and studies into a 7-mechanism model of resilience that aims to offer a comprehensive picture of a state of personal functioning and resilience, which leads us to optimal performance with manageable stress. The 7 components can be categorized into three parts:

A) Inner Self Mechanism – monitoring your physical, meditative, and mental awareness

B) Relationship Mechanism – monitoring the taking and giving awareness as well as your self-relationship

C) Method – monitoring your habits

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