Highlights from the 4th Happiness & its Causes Conference

Highlights from the 4th Happiness & its Causes Conference

I’ve just arrived home after spending all day at the 4th Happiness & its Causes Conference. As has been the case in previous years it was an incredibly stimulating and positive experience so I’m happy to provide you with a brief overview of some of the happiness highlights:

– Sonja Lyubomirsky (author of The How of Happiness) provided a great overview of her research reminding us that although some of happiness is genetically determined there’s also a significant percentage that’s under our control

– Marva Collins spoke, inspirationally, about applying the principles of positive psychology in education and about how, with the right approach, any child can achieve happiness and success in life

– Ingrid Poulson, someone I’m happy to be able to call a friend, gave us an awesome personal account of resilience and how to find happiness after an extremely traumatic event (you can read more about her incredible story in her book, Rise)

– Norman Doidge told us how the brain can change and, therefore, how we can overcome bad habits to cure all manner of physical and psychological deficits to achieve happiness and recovery

– and Professor Iving Kirsch discussed some fascinating research questioning the use of antidepressant medications which was followed by a panel discussion in which the primary topic was the over-medicalisation of unhappiness!

All up…a fascinating day; and there’s more to come tomorrow. So I’ll report back tomorrow and let you know about some other highlights one of which will hopefully be the panel discussion I’m moderating on happiness at work.