More (because it’s important) about happiness in tough economic times

More (because it’s important) about happiness in tough economic times

The state of the economy may be out of people’s hands, but their happiness isn’t, according to a group of researchers meeting at an international conference on happiness this week.

Experts from fields ranging from neuroscience and philosophy to psychology and theology will gather to discuss the latest insights on living happier lives at the meeting in Sydney, Australia.

Drawn to workshops with titles like The Architecture of Sustainable Happiness and Practical Tools for Positive Relationships, more than 2,000 participants are expected to attend the conference.

The pursuit of happiness has been considered through the ages, but interest has grown in recent years amid a growing number of studies that suggest it is possible to improve your well being, researchers say.

Over the last decade, studies have shown that people who think optimistically and have strong relationships tend to be happier, they say.

With the recession and extra challenges people are facing today, tools for learning how to remain happy or cope with hard economic times may be particularly relevant.

This is where I’ll be for the next few days and from this…I’ll report back on some of the more exciting developments in happiness and positive psychology. But for now, to read more about this wonderful conference on happiness and positive psychology applications such as coaching – click here