Applying the principles of positive psychology for happiness and inspiration

Applying the principles of positive psychology for happiness and inspiration

I’ve had the privilege, in recent times, to have worked with a few wonderful charities and good causes including The Inspire Foundation and it’s Reach Out program (

Just a few weeks ago I made my way over to their offices to deliver a webinar on applying the principles of positive psychology aimed at their teachers’ network; but this is not about my presentation…

…this is about what I saw when I arrived. As I walked in the door I noticed, in the waiting area, a large blackboard on which was written “Welcome Dr. Happy!” along with several wonderful and lovely comments from a number of the team members. Now how do you think I felt?

Well I’ll tell you. This small, but thoughtful gesture made me feel wonderful and positive and happy and inspired!

Positive psychology tells us that happiness is not just about feeling good it’s about doing good; happiness comes not just to those who receive but more so to those who give; other people matter and happy people tend to have both more and better quality relationships…and they spend more time and energy building and fostering each and every one of those relationships (by, for example, making people feel welcome and cared for and loved and needed etc as I was made to feel).

So I ask you…what do you do to inspire others? To let them know they’re important and that you care? What do you do in your personal and working lives; in your homes and offices?

As always, I invite you not just to contemplate these questions but to put this concept into practice and ideally, to let us know what’s worked for you.