Using Positive Psychology to Overcome Disability

Using Positive Psychology to Overcome Disability

If you met Denni Chipollini before one of his speaking engagements, you”d see his communicative smile and feel his positive attitude. But you”d never guess what the story behind his energy is.

On a rainy September morning of 1989, Denny was going to work, driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike when his car suddenly hydroplaned. Denny lost control of his vehicle and slid violently into a guardrail. “The guardrail literally pierced my car from side to side, coming in from the driver’s side all the way through the passenger-side door,” he remembers.

“I didn”t feel anything at first. There was smoke, glass and dust everywhere. Then I saw my left leg on the dashboard – it had been completely severed below the knee – and my right foot was on the passenger side, attached by just a few pieces of skin and an artery. That’s when I felt the most incredible rush of pain imaginable.”

Denny panicked, and then his survival instincts kicked in. “My wife was 7 months pregnant with our first son, so I couldn”t let myself go! Right then and there, I learned the power of visualization. I closed my eyes and imagined a group of caring and capable doctors taking control of the situation. Willing myself into as calm a state as possible seemed to decelerate my blood loss.”

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