Fighting the recession with happiness

Fighting the recession with happiness

What a great application of the principles of positive psychology!

What a great way to boost happiness…for yourself and to do good things for others at the same time.

A CHARITY is looking for people to get involved with fund-raising activities not only to help beat the effect of the recession on the charity but also to boost people’s own happiness.

Worcestershire Association for the Blind is encouraging people to organise fund-raising events after research showed helping charities could boost people’s moods and make them feel better about themselves.

Alice Watts, the charity’s new fund-raising and publicity manager, said: “We seem to be surrounded by bad news at the moment, with the recession and everything else that is going on in the world.

“This research shows that there are positive things that can be done to help boost people’s moods, so it is not just the charity that will be benefit but the fund-raisers as well.

“Raising money for a good cause can boost morale among work colleagues and friends, as well as raising much needed money for a local cause.”

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