Are happiness and laughter the best medicine?

Are happiness and laughter the best medicine?

Spreading laughter and joy, real-life Dr. Patch Adams visited Adena Regional Medical Center Saturday to talk about “The Joy of Caring.”

Adams is probably best known for the Robin Williams movie based on his life story.

Through humor, Adams talked to an audience about why caring is so important to him.

In 1971, Adams opened a holistic medical community in Pocahontas County, W.Va., where he and his staff provided free medical care to thousands of patients. In addition to his role as a physician, he has experience as a street clown, performer and social activist.

At the age of 63, Adams has no plans to stop caring and wanting affordable health care for people.

Adams’ message of happiness and joy is certainly consistent with the principles of positive psychology, especially when applied to coaching. To read more – click here