Positive Psychology Workshops to boost happiness at work

Positive Psychology Workshops to boost happiness at work

THE fear of looming job losses is affecting workers’ morale so much some employers have resorted to “happiness classes” for key personnel.

Even companies that seem to be weathering the storm are suffering from “pre-absenteeism” among staff who can’t focus because of the fear of losing their jobs, according to a survey by Drake recruiters. Firms are hoping to reverse the trend by sending staff to courses in positive thinking.

UTS School of Business positive psychology Professor Dr Tim Sharp, founder of Sydney’s Happiness Institute, said there had been an unprecedented demand for his courses.

“Certainly in the back end of last year and early this year we’ve been really busy,” he said. “There have been lots of individuals who are under financial stress after losing their jobs or have missed out on a bonus.

“We’ve also had organisations that have laid off people and need to reassure the remaining staff to get them focused again on the job at hand.”

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