Health and happiness in 10 minutes a day

Health and happiness in 10 minutes a day

Positive psychology is not just a science…it’s a discipline that’s led to a range of simple and practical, very powerful tools that have been proven to boost happiness and wellbeing.

For example…

The field of positive psychology (basically the plus side of mental health) has yielded studies that link gratitude to better health. It turns out grateful people take better care of themselves in terms of nutrition and sleep, plus exercise regularly and seek timely physical exams.

Ed Deiner is a professor at the University of Illinois and author of books about happiness. He has studied happiness in various countries, discovering that money indeed is less important than being thankful for what you have.

For instance, he has reported that India, with its overall higher poverty level, still produces happier citizens than does more affluent Japan. And he holds that the “count your blessings culture” of Ireland makes it a nation with high life satisfaction among its residents despite a lower level of wealth compared with many European neighbors.

Give thanks and get better health. That’s a life equation that can compute for all of us.

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