Happiness and doing good

Happiness and doing good

As I’ve written and said many times before, happiness is not just feeling good, it’s also doing good. So try some of these positive psychology tips that will benefit you and those around you.

– practice random acts of kindness such as letting someone in front of you in a line or in traffic; or put money in someone else’s parking meter

– choose a good cause and donate money, time, clothes, resources, expertise or what ever you can

– visit an elderly relative or neighbour and offer to help in some way that would be useful

– volunteer at your favourite charity, local school or church, or anywhere you think can you make a contribution

– take a meal, or some fresh fruit and vegetables around to a friend who’s going through an unusually busy or difficult time

– sweep up the leaves in front of your neighbour’s house when you’re doing your own

When you’ve tried one or more of the above suggestions (based on our work as positive psychology coaches), let us know how you go…and let us know also what else you do when you want to “do good” or just to experience more happiness!