Positive psychology and public policy – happiness at large

Positive psychology and public policy – happiness at large

Last year I was lucky enough to spend some time with Marty Seligman and over dinner one night, among other things, I asked him what he thought were the most exciting areas in terms of the future of positive psychology and happiness research.

He noted positive education (happiness in schools) and positive politics (happiness for all).

Well, I seem to be spending much of my time at the moment working with and consulting to schools and educators about integrating the principles of positive psychology and I’m fascinated by the broader applications of how we could bring positive psychology to public policy and politics.

Accordingly, I’m pleased to bring you this article titled “A Policy of Happiness”…

A Policy Of Happiness

By Elizabeth W. Dunn, Assist. Prof.

Dept. of Psychology

Should gay marriage be legal? Should paid parental leave time be increased? Should a former industrial space be converted into high-end condos, or community park space? Going beyond economic analyses, moral arguments, and opinion polls, new cross-disciplinary research on happiness is poised to shed light on important policy issues such as these.

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