Positive Psychology Training in Australia

Positive Psychology Training in Australia

Applying the Principles of Positive Psychology

Melbourne March 18, 2009

Sydney March 20, 2009

A full-day workshop with Prof. Tim Sharp (with CCE Approval from the International Coach Federation)

Positive psychology is one of the most exciting new developments in psychological theory and practice. In short, it encourages psychologists to ask not just what’s wrong with people but also, what’s right with them. It aims not just to reduce distress and dysfunction but also, to promote health, wellbeing and happiness. This workshop is designed for the many psychologists, coaches and other professionalswho are interested in incorporating the principles of positive psychology into their work and/or shifting the focus of their clinical and counselling activities to provide services aimed more at people who”re currently functioning reasonably well, but want to do even better.

Note: special ealy-bird rate if you register before December 31, 2008

The workshop will focus on (1) Positive assessment, (2) Positive psychology strategies such asteaching optimism,building positive relationships & helping individuals fully utilise their strengths, as well as (3) Opportunities for incorporating positive psychology into various lines of work.

Why you should come

1.Because Positive Psychology is “hot”

2.The practical skills and strategies you learn will revolutionise your practice

3.You”ll learn from one of the best and have some fun in the process

Note again: special early-bird rate if you register before December 31, 2008

Your Workshop Presenter

Prof. Timothy Sharp has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D.) and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. He runs a clinical psychology private practice, an Executive Coaching practice, and is the founder & Chief Happiness Officer of The Happiness Institute, Australia’s first organisation devoted solely to promoting the principles of positive psychology (http://www.thehappinessinstitute.com). He’s taught at all the major universities in NSW and is currently an Adjunct Professor (in Positive Psychology) within the School of Management, Faculty of Business at UTS as well as RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences.

Prof. Sharp is also a best selling author (of, among other things, “The Happiness Handbook” and “100 Ways to Happiness: a guide for busy people”), a sought after public speaker, and he makes frequent appearances in the local and international media including being read and heard by millions of people every week in a syndicated newspaper column and radio spot (https://drhappy.com.au).

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