Happiness, Kindness & Humility

Happiness, Kindness & Humility

Interesting commentary from the UK…

It’s a bull market for humility, and shares in kindness are soaring. My search for good news among the financial ruins is proving fruitful. In times of trouble Britons cling to a rare optimism.

Simon Jenkins

The Guardian

Friday October 17 2008

This week I dropped in on an estate agent to test the state of the market. Everyone in the place stopped dead. Beaming smiles spread across faces. Two salesmen leapt to their feet. I appeared to be a member of that dying species: a customer. Seats were thrust at me. Would I like a coffee, a discount, or a driver to my favourite maisonette? I might have been telling the Jehovah’s Witnesses that I was really seeking Jesus. Only violins and a celestial choir were missing.

My ongoing search for good news among the ruins is proving ever more fruitful. When I left the estate agent I immediately bought shares in kindness, with a side bet on courtesy and brotherly love.

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