The latest happiness news stories

The latest happiness news stories

Schools rated on pupils’ happinessJoanna Sugden

Schools will be rated on whether parents and pupils think teachers do enough to keep children happy, away from illegal drugs and in good sexual health.

Ofsted inspectors will use the perceptions – along with other indicators such as the truancy rate – in a school “health check” to measure pupil wellbeing.

The results will in part determine when a school should be inspected and published – with high scoring schools rewarded – in inspection reports.

The plans are intended to fulfil the legal requirement on all schools to look after pupil wellbeing but say responsibility for the happiness of students should rest mainly with parents.

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How to get happy? Thinking positive is a good start


Of the myriad things we wish for in life, from the perfect meal to a financial windfall, all are merely means to a single, intangible end called “happiness.”

Lately, it has been the most elusive of emotions. Beset with a failing economy, two protracted wars and roller-coaster gas prices, Americans are floundering. Like looking for silver linings in hand-me-down clothes, we are hard-pressed to find the bright side in depressing current events.

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