Exploring the origins of happiness

Exploring the origins of happiness

Research shows people connected to nature are happy

Joanne Laucius

The Ottawa Citizen

Happiness takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Carleton University psychology researcher John Zelenski.

Zelenski, the head of Carleton’s “happiness lab,” is just starting to get comfortable with happiness. Not the mental state — the word itself used to describe his line of scientific inquiry, a field of study that has gathered steam in the past decade.

Recently, that inquiry had led Zelenski to ask how nature makes us happy. And whether the human happiness generated by admiring a sunset or walking through the woods can help save the planet.

Happiness is not a fish you can catch” according to Our Lady Peace’s third album. Scientists beg to differ. Sure, catching the fish of happiness isn’t easy, but what we learn about the human condition of happiness can affect how we choose to chase it.

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