Attitude holds the key to success…and happiness!

Attitude holds the key to success…and happiness!

Attitude Holds Key to Success

posted by Paula Parisot

Of all the keys to success, attitude is by far the greatest factor that can be controlled. There are many moments in life that standout as epiphanies or “aha” moments, if you will. One such moment for me was when I was reporting on a seminar given by Michael Angelo Caruso, entitled How to Give Killer Presentations: Sell Your Products, Services & Ideas.

During the seminar, someone had mentioned that they could not stand their boss and it was really taking a toll on their work and their attitude. Caruso gave them a secret to handling difficult people. He said to put all feelings aside and find something you like about someone you don’t like. Are they straight-forward? Perhaps a bit too brazen, but honest? The point was, if you could find just one or two good qualities about that person to focus on you”d be more apt to get along with them. (And if that doesn”t work, then consider seeking new employment!)

Hearing of that plight hit me like a ton of bricks because I realized this person, like most of us, was letting someone else control their attitude, without their conscious permission. We”ve all had a boss we didn”t like; they were too gruff, too strict, too demanding, the list goes on and on. But we don”t always stop to think of why they are the way they are; they could just be misunderstood. This goes for anyone with a negative impact on our lives – bosses, clients, spouses or friends. Why do we let their moods affect us?

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