Positive relationships boost health and happiness

Positive relationships boost health and happiness

Socializing boosts health, happiness

Research demonstrates the benefits of human interaction, while isolation is detrimental

Max Schneider

Published: Monday, August 25, 2008

As students” summer classes and work schedules fill their days to the brim, many may feel that the time crunch requires them to neglect their social life.

But not spending enough time with family and friends can compromise human health, UCLA researchers have found.

“(Social contact with others) has effects on the body that are more powerful than cigarette smoking and your cholesterol level,” said Shelley Taylor, a distinguished professor of psychology. “The magnitude is very strong.”

At The Happiness Institute we’ve long argued that there’s a strong and positive correlation between happiness and others…this story is entirely consistent with the principles we espouse in our coaching programs and courses.

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