Happiness through winter

Happiness through winter

We all want to be happy but for many people, happiness is harder during the winter months. An extreme form of unhappiness, or depression experienced by a small proportion of people during colder times is known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It’s obviously hard to have happiness if you have SAD and psychologists and researchers have struggled over the years to fully understand what’s going on and accordingly, what we can do to help sufferers cope better.

Well, it appears the answer might lie in sheep!

Scientists studying Soay sheep on St Kilda (Scotland) believe they have found a link between an ancient biological mechanism and our mood in the darker months of the year.

THE windswept, rain-lashed island of St Kilda might seem an odd place to unlock the secret of happiness. But now, a study of the island’s rare sheep has helped scientists understand why ordinary Scots might be feeling unhappy.

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