Happiness…is doing the right thing

Happiness…is doing the right thing

Happiness is doing the right thing.

Happiness is also acknowledging when you’ve done the wrong thing.

And so it is that I apologise.

Although I can honestly say I was not aware of the proper protocols, it’s been brought to my attention that there are certain rules for including content from other articles in a weblog. I’ve always tried to acknowledge the original source of happiness quotes and stories when I refer to them but apparently there are other procedures to which I was not fully adhering.

Now that I have been made aware of what are supposedly the proper rules, I’m sorry for those occasions in the past when I might have strayed and will continue to do my best to bring readers of this happiness blog as much relevant information as possible but hopefully without offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Thanks to all of you who write in and provide positive feedback on my happy postings. It’s great to have you as part of our happiness community. And I guess the lesson here is that if you’ve wronged, even if inadvertently or unknowlingly as in this case, it’s still good for your happiness and wellbeing to apologise and then proceed to do the best you can in the future.