Happiness and Wellbeing at Work Conference

Happiness and Wellbeing at Work Conference


The 2nd Happiness + Wellbeing @ Work Conference

25 September

Harbours Edge, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Hosted by the Workplace Research Centre, this annual conference brings together Australia’s leading experts on psychology, leadership and workplace relations to provide strategies to increase productivity through the dominant value of employee wellbeing.

Speakers, including Hugh Mackay, Social Researcher and Author; Tim Sharp, The Happiness Institute; Chris Taylor, Great Place to Work Institute Australia and Dr John Lang, Good Health Solutions, will cover a variety of topics through a number of presentations, case studies and interactive workshops.

The conference will address questions such as:

*Want to create lasting improvements in your workplace relationships that produce measurable business benefits and better corporate performance?

*Is there a need to rethink the current obsession with happiness?

*Want to improve retention, productivity and absenteeism rates?

*Are happy workers really better workers?

*How have others successfully implemented strategies within their own organisations?

See http://www.wrc.org.au