Happiness Clubs

Happiness Clubs

Dubai-based Dina Sabnani believes in spreading joy, and has founded the Happiness Club in the UAE to help people find that elusive streak of sunshine in their lives

COULDN”TWE all do with a little bit more happiness in our lives? While life in the UAE is certainly not arduous, our fast paced lifestyles can leave us feeling a bit empty. Alright so you have the car, the villa, the job that makes you a small (or large) fortune, but can we ever say we have enough laughter, friends and fun? The job that does make you a tidy sum often gets in the way of the finer things in life. Nine to five is out and in the Emirates work takes precedence.

How can one find the time to specifically dedicate to nourishing the soul, feeling good about life and enjoying oneself?

It is therefore with some considerable excitement that City Times can announce the inaugural meeting of The Happiness Club today at 3pm to 5pm at Zen restaurant, gate six of Zabeel Park Dubai. A phenomenon that originated in America and has swept across the world, Happiness Clubs are all the rage from Los Angeles to Lausanne.

Founded by American Lionel Ketchian, the first Happiness Club met in January 2000 in Fairfield, Connecticut as a result of a Happiness Class Lionel gave at a University in the state.

After the class graduated they wanted to keep meeting to continue to practice the new found happiness skills they learned hence the establishment of the Happiness Club. The Fairfield Club has been meeting every month since that date. They have continued to spread the word across the USA and the world via the internet, and Dubai is the 38th Happiness Club. At the moment there are five Happiness Clubs in countries outside the United States in: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Jerusalem, New Zealand and Switzerland. Dubai is set to become the sixth.

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