Parenting as leadership

Parenting as leadership

I have, increasingly in recent times, been thinking and talking about parenting and in particular, the issue of enhancing happiness in children. As a parent myself, there are few (if any) things more important than my children’s happiness!

At the same time, I spend much of my time talking about happiness at work and working with teams and organisations to increase happiness (and engagement, morale, satisfaction etc) in the workplace. Within this domain I often find myself talking about leadership and it strikes me that leadership and parenting have much in common!

Consider the following points covered in an article I read recently on leadership; it highlighted the following key points:

– Encourage passion in employees

– Help staff build on their abilities

– Value the time of others

– Help colleagues build their networks

– Support people’s dreams

– And assist workers to expand their contributions

Now although not directly related to happiness it does not seem such a stretch for me to extend this to parenting and to ideas for enhancing happiness in children. It’s entirely consistent with our approach, for example, to help your children…

– build on their passions

– enhance their abilities

– by spending and valuing time with them

– build positive relationships

– clarify and strive for their dreams

– contribute in as many ways as possible

Good leadership. Positive Parenting to raise happy children. Are they one and the same thing?