Happiness, not wages, key to job satisfaction

Happiness, not wages, key to job satisfaction

Happiness, not wages, key to job satisfaction

Published: 23/05/2008

The Press and Journal

IT SEEMS that there is more to life than money – and job satisfaction is more important than perhaps some may have assumed.

More than 2,000 workers were asked if they would take a pay cut in order to land the job of their dreams – and a whopping 80% said they would if it meant having a more fulfilling job.

The UK was only topped by Swiss, Italian and Irish workers, with Irish workers, at 84%, proving to be the most likely to take less money for the job of a lifetime.

“It’s gratifying that European workers see there is more to life than just money,” said Julian Acquari, of Monster UK and Ireland.

“Finding the right job for someone is just as important as finding the right person for the job; it has to be a positive relationship for both the employer and the employee.”

There are several different areas that are key to a successful and happy career:

Job satisfaction – dreading work every morning will not help motivation. People who don”t get job satisfaction should consider improving their role or looking elsewhere.

Current prospects – you should have a clear career path outlined by your managers. If the opportunities for progression are limited, then looking for a new job may be of benefit.

Skill set – you should have the required skills to do your job properly and, if not, ask for the relevant training to address this.

Earnings and benefits – while money isn”t everything to most workers surveyed, the rewards are needed to ensure that your quality of life is not impacted.

Work-life balance – for some workers, their job and workplace actually enhance their social life. While this isn”t the case for everyone, you should still have plenty of time to enjoy your own personal time without work getting in the way.