Happiness on the Today Show

Happiness on the Today Show

This morning I made an appearance on the Today Show and was given the wonderful opportunity to talk about happiness and what people can do to enjoy more happiness. Below is a brief summary from the Today Show’s website which linked back to The Happiness Institute’s site.

Key to happiness

Wednesday May 7

A conference addressing happiness and it’s causes will be held this weekend in Sydney.

“Happiness and it’s Causes is the world’s largest forum on happiness,” says one of the conference speakers, Dr Timothy Sharp.

There will be 50 speakers from Australia and overseas attending.

The conference is open to the public and aims to give people the tools and techniques necessary to have a happier life.

Established in September 2003, the practise focuses on helping individuals and families to overcome depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and relationship difficulties.

“The conference is based around the fastest growing area of health at the moment, positive psychology,” he says. “Positive psychology is based on the premise that combating stress and anxiety is not enough; we need to develop techniques and tools to achieve lasting happiness.”

“I work on improving work/life balance, personal productivity, time management, stress management and, of course, happiness,” he explains.

“Training your mind to think a certain way, just like any other skill,” he says.

The keys to happiness:

Practice appreciation

Do good things for others

Focus on the positives in your life

Think more optimistically

Have fun