An interesting happiness article

An interesting happiness article

So, are you a happy dancer?


The Gazette

Published: Saturday, May 03

Is journalism too negative, especially for a world on edge? Looking on the bright side is no longer just an attitude, it’s a science, says filmmaker and former “angry young man” Albert Nerenberg, who now also works as a “laughologist.” Nerenberg tackles the upside of life in a monthly Gazette series, Positivity. Today: The secret of happiness. Next month: The science of your smile.

The Happy Dance craze started with a TV commercial in which Lotto 6/49 winners jump for joy like there’s no tomorrow. The winners freak their beans, pump their fists and flip out. It is a beautiful and enviable form of ecstasy. Every burden evaporates as the Happy Dancer goes completely berserk.

The ad was a hit as were the spinoff Happy Dance competitions. And the expression Happy Dance has quickly become part of common parlance. The catch is to truly do the Happy Dance, you have to win the Lotto 6/49, and the odds of that are around 14 million to one.

But, you would think after doing the Happy Dance, lottery winners would be the happiest people in the world. Let’s ask this question: Who’s happier? People who win lotteries or people who break their necks?

If you said lottery winners, you might well be wrong.

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