Happiness is learning from the past to create a positive future

Happiness is learning from the past to create a positive future

Once again Lou Tice has produced a simple but inspirational tip that we could all use to boost our happiness. Although the example he provices below is more focused on performance I’m sure you’ll all be able to apply it to enhancing your own happiness and positive moods as well.

Winner’s Circle Network with Lou Tice – 3/14/08 – “Flick-Back, Flick-Up”

Did you know that you could borrow from the past to help create the future?

There’s a special technique we teach in our seminars that can help you do your best whenever you want to. It’s called, “flick-back, flick-up” and it works like this:

Let’s say I’m going to give a talk at someplace unfamiliar and I’m feeling a bit nervous. Mentally, I will “flick-back” to a triumphant situation in my past – a time when I did a good job and felt really in control. I visualize that situation and I see myself doing a great job. I remember the good feelings attached to it and how it felt to be poised, confident, and competent.

Then I “flick-up” to the future, and I “borrow” those positive emotions and project them into the new situation. If I have plenty of time, I do it over and over again, visualizing myself in the room where I’m going to give the talk, feeling poised, confident, and competent.

I also write an affirmation for myself – something like, “Whenever I give a talk in unfamiliar surroundings, I feel comfortable and I do a great job.”

Then, when it’s time to actually give the talk, it almost feels like dêÑÔ©jêÑÔ_ vu – I’ve been there before, but in my mind.

You can do this with virtually any situation. You can do it on the spot, in just seconds, if you have to. Throw yourself into the positive memory for a few moments, and then flick it up to what you are about to do. Try it the next time the pressure is on. I think you’ll be surprised at just how well it works.

Lou Tice

The Pacific Institute