Words of happiness wisdom from Lou Tice

Words of happiness wisdom from Lou Tice

As regular readers of this blog would well know I have often referred to the works of Lou Tice. Although he only occasionally directly refers to happiness his writings and thoughts are, in my opinion, frequently indirectly relevant to those of us seeking and interested in happiness.

It brings me happiness, therefore, to once again share his work with you …

Winner’s Circle Network with Lou Tice – 3/10/08 – “Is Your Life a Struggle?”

Do you believe that you have to fight for what you get in life? Were you taught that life is, first and foremost, an unending struggle?

Whenever I feel a sense of struggle, of pressure tempting me to react with anxiety or even panic, I hear my inner voice ask, “How would you be seeing or doing this differently, if you were willing to let it be easy?”

As I consider an easier way to approach the situation, a sense of peace and freedom comes over me. From this perspective, I can usually see the way out.

Many of us have been imprinted with the belief that life is a struggle. We have to work hard to earn a living and support ourselves and our families, and that suffering and sacrifice buy happiness. But, none of this is true.

The glory of life is to live in graceful celebration, and to enjoy peace requires no loss whatsoever. Life is here to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Struggle is a sure sign that you are moving against your blessings. Peace is not a victory we can ever win by battle. If you are fighting for anything, you are at war. Peace is a natural gift from God that we accept by opening our hearts and letting go of the struggle.

When Albert Einstein was asked, “What is the most important question facing humankind?” he answered with another question: “Is the universe a friendly place?”

Well, it is. Now all we have to do is act like it.

Lou Tice

The Pacific Institute