Abnormality and happiness

Abnormality and happiness

“Positive Abnormality” – Be a GENIUS by discovering your Speciality, Uniqueness, and Meaning

By Timothy So

Positive Psychology News Daily, NY

February 18, 2008

Timothy So, Msc, is an Associate Editor for Positive Psychology News Daily responsible for both the Traditional and the Simplified Chinese site. Timothy is working for RSG Consulting as a research consultant associate, and will pursue a PhD in management and organizational behavior this October.

Timothy writes on the 18th of each month and his past articles are here.

“Am I abnormal?” People sometimes tell me their thoughts, plans, behaviors and ask me this question when they know I am a psychologist. I am not in a very good position to answer this question, yet this leaves me in rumination over another interesting question, “Why do people try to be normal but not someone special? Why not be Positively Abnormal?”

I was told this story when I was young: there was a fisherman who only kept the small fish and released the big fish that he caught. One man was curious about his practice and asked the fisherman why he did this. “Oh! I wouldn”t have done that if I had a bigger pan at home. I only have an average-sized pan,” answered the fisherman.

Before you laugh, think a moment about whether this has ever happened to you! Sometimes we want to do something special or come up with great ideas, yet we are not willing to make the move since we tell ourselves, “I”d better not try this, I”m just an average-sized pan!” Yes, sometimes we constrain ourselves and try to be “normal” people.

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