Secrets of true happiness…

Secrets of true happiness…

Secrets of true happiness…From The Independent (click here to read the full happiness story)

According to the latest research, other people’s misfortunes are the secrets of true happiness

By Conor Feehan

Monday February 11 2008

Sometimes it’s the simple but naughty things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. From seeing a traffic warden walk into a lamp post, or having a traffic infringement summons thrown out of court on a technicality, the times in which we indulge in a wry guilty smirk are a balm to our tortured souls. It seems we get our greatest pleasure out of other people’s pain.

Charming, isn’t it? And it’s not just a fleeting feeling.

Various different tests and surveys have been conducted over time to try and delve into the mysteries of what makes us happiest. And the results keep showing that in this part of the world earning more than your friends is the key to happiness.

Yes, earning enough to cover your costs and keep you comfortable is just not enough these days. In order to be truly happy, you must have the status of top dog in a dog-eat-dog world, it seems.