Happiness headlines on CNN

Happiness headlines on CNN

It may take a lot of frequent-flier miles, a penchant for cold places, a tolerance of taxes and regular doses of chocolate, but happiness could be within reach. However, it’s not where most people might expect.

Just ask Eric Weiner, who made it his mission to find the most content places around the globe, uncovering lots of surprises along the way.

Hungering for a tropical paradise? A warm climate doesn’t necessarily make a happy nation, Weiner said.

Thinking of moving to a wealthy state? Money can degrade happiness, he found.

Weiner, who wrote the book, “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World,” began his quest for very personal reasons.

“I’m an unhappy person, so it’s kind of what prompts a hungry person to search for food,” he said.

Weiner spent 10 years as a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, a job that took him to some of the least happy places in the world.

It was enough to send him on a yearlong journey to look for just the opposite.

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And I’ll be reviewing Eric’s book, which I’ve just enjoyed, in The Happiness Institute’s next eNewsletter.