The shortest happiness “to do” list

The shortest happiness “to do” list

Not more than 5 minutes ago I read an interesting article, aimed at small business owners, which touched on “to do” lists and the unnecessary lengths they sometimes achieve.

Well, it inspired me to provide this – the happiness “to do” list with only two things to do!

1. First – think of one thing you can do now that would enhance your happiness.

2. Second – do it.

Some times we over-complicate things and happiness is one of those things that’s often over anaylysed and considered more difficult than it need be. I know not everyone finds happiness easy to achieve but I also know that if we do the right sorts of things we can all have more of it.

So get to it – put together your two-item happiness “to do” list and get cracking with step 2 as soon as possible!