Happiness lessons from Harry Potter (Part II)

Happiness lessons from Harry Potter (Part II)

And following on from my previous post in which I noted that happiness comes to those who give as well as to those who receive, I have also found another interesting happiness lesson within the early readings of my Harry Potter adventure.

Although I’d heard a lot about the wizard’s adventures (it’s been hard not to over the last few years) one thing of which I was not aware was that the magical world in which Harry and his friends live is actually…within our own “real” world. It’s just that most of us “muggles” (that’s Potter language for non-magical humans) don’t see the magic and the magical places that the witches and wizards see.

How is this relevant to happiness?

Well I can’t help but think on my experience over the years, with many happy and not so happy people, and think that those who experience more happiness see things that others don’t see. They pay more attention to the “magic” in the world that many not so happy people don’t notice or simply ignore.

So what can you learn about happiness from Harry Potter? Look for magic and happiness inducing moments and experiences everywhere…you might be surprised with what you find!