Happiness lessons from Harry Potter (Part I)

Happiness lessons from Harry Potter (Part I)

Recently, after many, many requests from my daughter, I started reading the first Harry Potter book. I’m not sure why but I’d resisted her nagging for some time and have just relented. Immediately, she reported (in not so many words) increased happiness!

Why am I telling you this?

Because there is, quite simply, a nice happiness message in this for us all. Doing something for another person often leads to double happiness – happiness for them because you’ve done what they wanted and happiness for you because you’re making another person feel better.

Now I must admit I’ve rather enjoyed the first 100 pages or so but this is really just a pleasant side effect. Knowing that my daughter is experiencing happiness and excitement at the thought that she can now discuss her Harry Potter stories with me has brought both of us much joy and satisfaction.

So what’s the happiness lesson (part I) from Harry Potter…do something someone else would like you to do and observe the dual return in happiness!