Holiday happiness – an update

Holiday happiness – an update

In a previous blog posting I provided a list of tips that I hope might help at least some of you enjoy more happiness during the coming festive season.

Several days after writing that post I thought there was at least one more important point to make…and that’s the need for most, if not all of us, to make time to refresh and recuperate.

In Australia we’re coming up to what most people consider the main, summer holiday season. A time when we traditionally spend much time on the beach, relaxing with family and friends. I too plan to do exactly this and so this will probably be my final post for a week or two.

But as important and healthy as this is I encourage you to think about making more time, more often to relax, refresh and regenerate. Too many of us go for too long before we take a break. Health experts say that if you feel thirsty then it’s almost too late because you’re already starting to dehydrate (and ideally you should drink water before this point). Well, I think its the same with happiness…if you feel tired and stressed then its almost too late because you’re already starting to suffer (and ideally you should practice happiness and health strategies well before this point).

So enjoy the coming holiday period and accept my best wishes – I hope you have much happiness. But also give some thought to how you can plan to take more regular breaks (each day, each week and throughout the year) in the future rather than waiting until you’re exhausted and run down.

As we often say at The Happiness Institute…achieving happiness requires nothing more than practicing a few simple disciplines every day. Well, discipline yourself to take frequent breaks and happiness will be yours!