12 ways to improve your happiness

12 ways to improve your happiness

Twelve Ways To Improve Your Life Satisfaction

By: Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin


Here come 12 ways to improve your life satisfaction. One of the headlines to the story I’m passing on to you reads, “Your assessment of yourself and your life circumstances may vary at different stages. Here’s how to increase your feeling of accomplishment.”

And the explanation of why that is so important: “A key aspect of psychological well-being is a high level of life satisfaction, a subjective summing up of personal circumstances and life events that results in overall feelings of achievement, happiness, pride and purpose. People who score high in measures of life satisfaction are much more likely to believe that they have gotten the important things they want in life.”

According to the article in question, from the newsletter of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Mind, Mood and Memory (December 2007), recent research suggests that if you try to change your goals and activities in an effort to find greater happiness you can improve your satisfaction with life. In other words, “there are things we can do to increase our sense that we’re worthwhile people living good lives.”

Although the article doesn’t specifically say so, based on what we know about the relationship between optimism and health, happiness and health, and stress and health, it would seem obvious that increasing the sense of life satisfaction is not only sensible for its own sake but also sensible as it probably contributes to better health.

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