Find happiness – by liking yourself!

Find happiness – by liking yourself!

Liking yourself is a big step toward happiness


The Cape Breton Post

Here’s a question that I have asked myself, if I wasn”t me and met me would I like me? Ask yourself that question, if you were not who you are and you met yourself would you want to hang out with you or run in the opposite direction?

Here’s another thought if you were married to you, would you like to remain married to you? Do you treat your spouse with respect or are you easily upset, angry, jealous and full of envy.

In counseling couples it’s not enough that I say things to keep them together but are they now happily together. Someone said there are worse things than death and I believe that can be living life for all the wrong reasons and reaping all the wrong results.

My comment – Happiness is, by no means, simply about you (or me) but rather, happiness is very much about compassion for and love to others. At the same time, however, it’s hard to love or even like someone else if you don’t love and respect yourself.

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