Gratitude, health and happiness

Gratitude, health and happiness

Grateful attitude good for health, happiness

Nov. 16, 2007

By Christopher Stone


In the midst of end-of-the-semester madness and with finals just around the corner, many can already taste the turkey and hotly anticipate Thanksgiving break next week.

But aside from near-toxic levels of tryptophan and football frenzy, there might be a few more reasons to be thankful this holiday season.

Dr. Jo-Ann Tsang, assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience, has done extensive research on gratitude and found grateful people are more forgiving, positive, have higher life satisfaction, and exhibit lower levels of anxiety, depression and envy.

“A number of experiments have shown that after writing about gratitude, individuals feel more mentally healthy,” she said. “Individuals who engaged in a gratitude exercise showed significant increases in their experiences of positive emotion.”

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