Happiness is exploring what’s possible

Happiness is exploring what’s possible

The following posting was sent out to my makingchanges.com.au weekly tip list but is, I think, just as relevant to readers of this blog as there’s no doubt that happiness is at least partly due to exploring what’s possible and striving to reach our potential. I hope you enjoy it…

Happy monday morning and welcome back, again, to making changes’ weekly tips. I’d like, today. to share with you a story…

A client I worked with once grew up in the country and he told about how his father tended to and raised a beautiful vegetable garden and that they would sell the produce at a small roadside stand that they’d built themselves. He also told about how his parents always bought their chickens from a neighbour named Willy Scott.

One day, when the family were all out working at the vegetable stand, Willy delivered some chickens to the house in a crate and left them on the front patio. When they returned home later that day they discovered the chickens had escaped and were running all over the yard. Everyone in the family began chasing the chickens and putting them back in the crate.

Now my client’s father was upset and decided to call Willy to express his unhappiness with the situation. He told him how he didn’t think it was such a good idea to leave the chickens in a crate unattended and how the family had had to chase chickens all around the neighbourhood; finally, he noted that they’d only been able to round up eleven. And then Willy provided a bit of a shock.

“Eleven chickens isn’t too bad,” he exclaimed, “I only delivered six!”

How much could each of us accomplish if we had no idea what the limits were? The potential each of us possesses is often restricted by self-imposed limits. Next time you might find eleven chickens when you thought there were only six!

10 years ago Google was born…now it’s one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. Less than 5 years ago MySpace and Facebook changed the way we interact and manage our relationships.

Today, things that barely existed or were hardly conceivable, are the centre of our universe.

What’s possible in your life?