Happiness is a free hug

Happiness is a free hug

I’m pretty sure this will not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but each to their own…and if it brings about more happiness then that’s surely a good thing.

Happiness is a free hug

Jill Smith, Saskatchewan News Network; CanWest News Service

Published: Monday, November 05, 2007

SASKATOON — After having their parking meters plugged and even some merchandise paid for, in the past, passersby in downtown Saskatoon on Saturday afternoon were treated to free hugs.

The lone, huggable Christie Bodnarchuk stood at the corner of 21st Street and Second Avenue holding a giant red-and-white sign saying, “Free Hugs,” while cameraman Rob Priestley filmed.

“Hi. Would you like a hug?” she asked people passing by.

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