De-clutter for happiness

De-clutter for happiness

Clutter causes stress, and stress is obviously not conducive to happiness. So if you want more happiness you might benefit from getting organised. recently published this interesting and practical article…I hope you find it helpful.

How to Kick the Clutter Habit


You just know you left your car keys somewhere on the kitchen counter. Or maybe in your coat pocket. Or on the living room table. Or maybe the dog swiped them and buried them in the backyard while you weren’t looking.

By the time you finally locate the ever-elusive keys (hidden beneath a pile of mail on the dining room table, of course), you’re already half an hour late for an important meeting, so you blow it off and spend the rest of the morning guzzling coffee, attempting to brainstorm some sort of excuse that people will fall for. The messy truth is just too embarrassing to confess.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone – household clutter is one of the biggest time-killers in the world. According to Newsweek, most Americans blow 55 minutes a day looking for possessions they’ve misplaced. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time in bed?

Your run-of-the-mill messiness can lead to loads of other problems, too, says St. Louis-based professional organizer, Janine Adams: “Clutter can lead to late payment of bills, strains in relationships, missed or late appointments,” and “even injury if you trip over something.”

So how can you keep clutter from making a mess of your life? Click on the link below for a few tips for keeping things under control.

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